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David Mack’s Hidden Power
Published on Monday, November 14, 2011 by

One More Thing…from has featured an interview with David “Kabuki” Mack wherein Mack discusses all things comics. David Mack is an innovator of the comic genre. His self-published series Kabuki has moved further and further from the norm of the comic panel page. Starting with his MA thesis, Circle of Blood, Mack has played with the visual concepts within his work. Reading Mack makes one re-imagine Scott McCloud’s discussion of Comics. Mack understands the “hidden power” that McCloud saw in comics.

One More Thing… discusses David Mack as one of the coolest guys in comics. That’s about right. If you ever get a chance to chat with Mack at a convention then you should. Mack is an interesting personality because he always seems fresh and ready to discuss comics with fans, any fans, fans of his or of other people.

One More Thing…also points out that Mack has captured female readers by creating a strong and rich female protagonist. Sure, it’s another kick-ass babe wearing a funny tight costume at first, but the character evolves and matures with the series. The trippy layouts belay the inner workings of a woman trapped by her actions and the actions of others. Mack writes, draws, and composes his stories in a manner that can pull in both the male and female audiences.

Check out the video interview for One More Thing… and see for yourself. Mack can also be found on Facebook discussing his upcoming projects. is also a great way to keep up with the creator, keeping abreast of his cover work, interiors, and the increasingly slow progress of Kabuki.

Mack’s first work, Circle of Blood, is back in hardcover for the first time in over a decade. the first volume of Kabuki explore the origin and the beginning of the series, thus is a good starting point for new readers, but does not completely explore where the series heads stylistically. This prestige hardcover delivers with a whopping 272 pages and extra features, elegantly collected with an introduction by comics legend Jim Steranko.

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