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Ghost Rider #5-Review
Published on Monday, November 14, 2011 by

Ghost Rider is still rolling. One of my problems with the Fear Itself Ghost Rider reboot is that it felt like a mini series. I didn’t expect the new female Ghost Rider to stick. Fear Itself is now off the top of the book and the female Ghost Rider is still rolling.

The new female Ghost Rider has a nice design and a nice revision of the hellborn powers. Her new tricks are fun to watch and figure out what her limits are without Adam. Driven by the Spirit of Vengeance, Alejandra‚Ä® sets her sights on a human trafficking ring operating in the ruins of the destruction left by FEAR ITSELF and unwittingly uncovers her own shadowy history. This comic has taken place between South America and the moon in the last four issues. The female spirit of vengeance stays in Mexico during this trip into her own past. It would be interesting to see a Marvel character stay international for a while instead of just tripping back across the border in America, but only time will tell.

Unfortunately, the dialogue is still problematic, or in this case the monologue. I like repetitive lines that shift in meaning with ever changing context. To quote Shaun of the Dead, “You’ve got red on ya.” Unfortunately, the repetition of lines in this book don’t provide a shift in meaning with the changing context. It is just repetition.

No Johnny Blaze in this issue, but I’m sure he’ll catch up soon. He seems to be teased on the next cover.

Writer: Rob Williams
Penciller (cover): Arturo Lozzi
Inker: Lee Garbett
Colorist: Frank D’Armata, Rob Schwager
Letterer: VC – Clayton Cowles
Editor: Sebastian Girner

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