The Geeksverse’68: Hardship (One-Shot)

’68: Hardship (One-Shot)
Published on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 by

’68 just wrapped up their run, but were already advertising a return. They’re back. One shot to the head of a zombie in the Vietnam era. This series resets the zombie comic into a historical war book, again.

This popular title keeps churning out the hits. This time the story spans the home front and the war zone.

You need to button up troops, this war is hard on us all. The only way to get home on a hardship request is if the doesn’t think you’re fit to kill for it anymore. The main character in this stand alone tale is just that. He’s beyond being able to tell friend from foe. He’s beyond being able to tell living from dead. Living in two different realities at once is enough to drive a soldier over the edge. In this case section 8 would have contained a problem but a hard ship send home puts the problem on an unsuspecting town.

In a world gone mad, this is what PTSD can still do to destroy a family from within. Like Walking Dead, this zombie book delves well into the psychological resonance of the situation. ’68: Hardship is a one shot of pure PTSD in a world that is already gone around the bend. This is one of the better zombie books. Typically, I call for an end to the zombie fad, but when it is done well, this can be a great work. This is a great horror book set in an alternate history time period. As S. King notes, Horror cannot help but become allegorical. After 10 years of Iraq and Afghan wars, with troops coming home with PTSD, this zombie book exists in a new cultural resonance of horror and war.

68 #1

68 #1

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