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Goodbye Darkwing Duck
Published on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 by

Darkwing Duck #18 ends the story arc and the Disney-Boom! partnership. The villain is revealed, fought, and of course defeated. Without being a spoiler, this comic ends the way that it should, true to the heroic pattern of the happily ever after cartoons. These quack pack based comics end with a neat resolution, unlike the unfinished ending to Gargoyles a few years ago.

Boom!/Kaboom! has been able to hold to tighter deadlines than SLG, which has created a consistent and on time product that was able to completely explore the characters during the story arc.

Perhaps the ending was too neat, or perhaps it was just right. Overall, it was an ending image that made me smile as two properties were bridged together.

This has been a fun run. If you’ve missed these Disney based comics, then you’ll need to check out the back issues and trades. Share your duck memories on the Pryde Forum. Good night and good luck Darkwing Duck.

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