The GeeksverseHaunt #18-Review

Haunt #18-Review
Published on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 by

This title is still working under the original creative team, even though they have already said they’ll rotate off. Before the torch is passed to another creative team, it will be curious to see which answers are provided and which are left to be fleshed out later.

This issue has a villain resurrected or at least reveal that he wasn’t quite as dead as it looked. Cobra goes off chasing the orders of a higher master. Haunt chases bad guys on a motorcycle with a missile launcher (which is cool looking if ridiculous). And the characters have dinner.

This issue balances out the many lives of Haunt, the two brothers woven together and the superhero that they can become.

It will be interesting to see how Haunt breaks out of this isolated corner of the world and interacts with other Image titles. The original team of creators wanted to establish the character before throwing in cameos. That is respectful but it has had its moment. To keep this book fresh it needs a cross over to help develop the isolated hero. The supporting cast is doing an admirable job so far but mixing it up with Spawn might help spice up the title a bit. Otherwise this character has already come full circle into completely expected surprise ending reveals.

The freshest part of Haunt is the supernatural balance. The two halves of Haunt are explored, but more time needs to be devoted to the world beyond the one he is currently trying to save.

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