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Savage Dragon #175-Review
Published on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 by

In 84 pages of Savage Dragon this issue, I’m betting Erik Larsen used several green crayons. The story thus far is that the Savage Dragon that started this title went power mad and was destroyed leading up to and in the Emperor Dragon story (which is now conveniently a TPB). Of course the discussion became, would Larsen leave Dragon dead? It is a natural discussion since very few people stay dead in comics, but Larsen has left characters behind in the past. If anyone was going to leave a title character dead, it is Larsen. What is life after Savage Dragon?

That question isn’t whiny emo fanboy pondering how to exist without a dose of a favorite character. What is life after Savage Dragon is a practical question about how do you run a comic without the character. Larsen had the answer built into the cast: Malcolm Dragon became Savage. One green skinned hero became the next. It was a beautiful symmetry. The long running character development and chronological approach to this comic made the death and passing of reigns feel less like a gimmick and more like a natural point in the story. This was not a dead Bruce Wayne resurrected throughout a cyclical history. This was natural story telling.

Then the solicits and previews for issue #175 were bantered about the internet. Did the shoulders in that space suit look broader than husky Malcolm? Is that a space Savage “Kurr” Dragon? Is it another member of the alien race–built in bonus is an entire race of “Dragons.” Which Dragon is on that cover?

Now #175 is out and we can know what Dragon is on the cover.

Don’t look beyond the cover if you don’t want to know.

Dragon is dead, then revived to prevent Kurr from destroying the world, and then was killed by Darklord which you should know before picking up #175, although it is neatly recapped. Then the butterfly effect happens. Tuesday Darklord decides to resurrect Dragon but the Darklord of Thursday destroys dragon. The Darklord of Tuesday still thinks Dragon should exist and thus brings him back. He doesn’t create Kurr but instead revives the heroic version of the emperor. Long story short: Dragon Reborn.

At the moment Dragon has replaced Kurr’s son as leader of the ship and commander of his people. His dialogue indicates that handing over the reigns isn’t permanent when a job needs to be done. Dragon declares himself in charge. That sounds like a Kurr thing to do.

How does that set with you? Discuss on the Pryde Forum.

This is the action packed thrill ride one comes to expect from Erik Larsen. He is setting his own rules and blazing his own path. It embodies what is great about the creator-owned property. Even if this is a stunt at least it is his stunt. It is surprising how little attention the death of his main character garnished. DC would have been selling arm bands. Marvel would have been wrapping the covers. Larsen just did what he wanted.

So, what do you think?

Besides Kurr Dragon, this issue also has Dart, Harold and Linda, plus some more Vanguard.

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