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Elephantmen #36 -Review
Published on Thursday, November 17, 2011 by

It has been a while since I picked up an Elephantmen comic. I liked the world, but I have not immersed myself in it very often. In full disclosure, the fact that I’m burning out on zombie comics but still in love with sci-fi/post-apocalyptic stories made more than curious to pick up Elephantmen again. This is a gritty reality that lends itself to being a lot of fun and dark at the same time. 35 pages of comics for $3.99 is a lot of sci-fi bang for the buck in this fantastic tale.

This is a great jumping on point for long time non-readers. Elephantmen #36 is the first of a four part arc. Elephantmen: The Killing Season.

This book opens in North Africa in 2242 in a scene designed to vilify the humans and help foster support for the monsters. In this case the monster is the genetically mutated killing machines designed to fight wars without risking lives that matter. The concept that some lives don’t matter is monstrous and is an idea held by the humans. Human hands genetically manipulated and twisted and discarded. The opening salvo of this comic makes that distinctly forefront in the mind of the reader.

Twisting perception for introspection is a great role of fiction.

Elephantmen #36 shows the oddity in a very humanizing light: including enlightenment. All the while it does not lose the fact that these abortions also eat people on occasion. The brutality is tempered by beauty of design for a struck balance that creates a muddy moralistic picture. Elephantmen is not merely incidentally pondering the world today allegorically. As the Occupy Mappo attests this is a book with a focused conscious soul.

After the main story arc, this issue also has a back up feature “Patient Zero” part one of five rounding out the 30+ pages of comics. Elehpantmen: The Killing Season would be a nice addition to a Trade Paperback purchase this Christmas season. This is a great gift for anyone that appreciates beautiful and brutal slices of unrealistic reality.

Elphantmen is an adult book and not a talking animal funny book. Be aware if you’re shopping for someone else during the upcoming holiday season.

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