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Generation Hope #13
Published on Thursday, November 17, 2011 by

Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: James Asmus
Art by: Ibraim Roberson
Colored by: Jim Charalampidis
Lettered by: Dave Sharpe
Cover Art: A- Roberson & Charalampidis; B- Keown & Keith
Assistant Editor: Jordan D. White
Associate Editor: Daniel Ketchum
Editor: Nick Lowe

We’re thirteen issues into Generation Hope and I don’t think we need to spend so much time reintroducing us to the characters. We already know them. I don’t think Regenesis was that much of a new reader draw and the team of Asmus and Roberson is not the big names that would bring new readers on their own.

So why is so much time spent on who the characters are and what they can do? And to get most of it in a training exercise fight between “the lights” and some of the X-Men? Not a good way to start off a run on a fairly high profile book. There’s alot of repeat to the reintroductions too. We get Gabriel mentioning a couple of times how his powers are prematurely aging him. We also get two different people mentioning what Hope’s abilities are.

I don’t feel as if this issue got anywhere. Pixie was added to the team, but beyond that there wasn’t any growth to them. They are the same as when they went in. Kieron Gillen, the old writer, did help us get to know them, but at least in this issue we don’t get anything new. It almost feels like Asmus is using the reintroductions to get a handle on the characters himself.

I do like the inclusion of No-Girl. That bit alone, and Kenji’s relationship with her, does show that Asmus might have a plan for this book. Which is good because the rest of it was pretty boring and repetitive.

And I don’t like Hope as a character. Gillen never sold me on her and Asmus has a tough task ahead of him to get me to like her. In fact the only Light I really enjoy is Teon.

Roberson’s art is decent. He’s got an interesting style, or at least the way he gets colored is interesting. It’s got a washed out tone and it looks different then most other stuff on the shelves. Roberson’s linework is solid, there’s some perspective issues and some posing issues here and there, but over all it’s solid work.

Generation Hope #13 receives
3 out of 5

Not a good introduction to the new run or the new writer.

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