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Red Hood And The Outlaws #3
Published on Thursday, November 17, 2011 by

Published by: DC Comics
Written by: Scott Lobdell
Art by: Kenneth Rocafort
Colored by: Blond
Lettered by: Pat Brosseau
Cover Art: Rocafort & Blond
Assistant Editor: Katie Kubert
Editor: Bobbie Chase

The first issue of this book caused quite alot of talk about the portrayal of Starfire. This issue should help ease the “fears” of those people who didn’t think she was in character. But of course, she was in character but people just liked to forget those aspects of her. Anyways, this issue goes along ways to ‘returning’ Starfire to the warrior princess she’s always been.

We get a look back at some of the most cherished memories of the three characters and it helps us to understand them a little better. Lobdell has gotten some heat for his recent work but this issue he really does show his strengths as a writer. As well as some faults.

The overall plot is a bit weak. It seems weird that the Untitled could just walk by S’Aru The Protector and the Outlaws have to give up their memories, all to enter a magical chamber and find a clue. Basically it comes across as a forced plot to take up space as the real meat of this issue is dealt with.

The real meat is the memories. And what good memories we get. For Roy it’s about being at the lowest point and the surprising character that helps pull him out of it. Extremely interesting and makes alot of sense. And even the villian’s reaction is in character. Croc has never been an honorable character but it doesn’t seem out of character that he wouldn’t kill Harper in this way. For Starfire it’s about being defiant and always remembering that she is a proud princess. I didn’t find it disturbing like S’Aru. I found it strong and proud, almost to a fault. Starfire wouldn’t break, and she wouldn’t accept help from her jailers. She’s too proud for that.

And Jason Todd’s memory? Just what any young boy wants, to spend time with his ‘father’. The surprising thing is what Jason did with it at the end. That one act tells us alot about Jason and his mental state.

Rocafort’s art is up and down. Alot of pages it’s extremely detailed and excellant. He does a great job with Starfire’s hair, always making it seem like it’s moving and floating. But then there are some pages and panels here and there that just look rushed and lacking.

Overall the work is solid and is definately a different and unique style.

Red Hood And The Outlaws #3 receives
4 out of 5

I know alot of people came down hard on this book, but I think it’s shaping up to be one of the hidden gems of the new 52.

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