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G.I. Joe: ARAH #172
Published on Monday, November 21, 2011 by

What was Larry Hama thinking? Hama built the basis for Marvel and is highly regarded as the father of G.I. Joe since he worked on the early story. His return to a Joe title excited the fan population. IDW picked up where Larry Hama left off with the Marvel run with a bang and Joes on the run. Praise ensued. The Dark Snake Eyes story was interesting until the rushed conclusion showed through Hama’s inconsistency.

This week’s Joe:ARAH installment was less than praise worthy. One half of the dual story is excellent. The other is completely rushed and lacks coherence.

As a reader and fan, I want to be able to praise Hama for being able to make Darklon cool. The last several issues have helped make the colorful cousin of Destro cool. Living under the ruins of his own castle in his own country Darklon has still managed to rule his people with fear. The resistance is always one of Hama’s best story elements. Sneak Peek and the resistance made a great story even before a team shot its way in to nab Darklon.

In this issue that story should be praiseworthy. Darklon and Lady Jaye are both injured. Medical supplies are short. The helicopter is damaged. Time is running out as the helicopter heads to the Flagg. It is classic G.I. Joe drawn by S.L. Gallant in a fitting 80s look. It should be praise worthy.

Unfortunately, the other half of the book is not praiseworthy. Like the rushed Dark Snake Eyes conclusion, this part of the story just feels rushed and sloppy. The tech enhanced ninjas should be cooler than they are. The tech doesn’t have to be realistic, since Joe is a sci-fi fantasy in some regards, but the tech should make sense. Again, Hama seems to just tell the readers, “their ninjas so this makes sense” but it doesn’t.


Unfortunately, the other Joe title this week didn’t review well either.
The other creative team working with Snake Eyes and the infected Duke also seem to flounder in the attention to details according to Troynos’ review.

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