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Batman: The Brave and the Bold #13
Published on Tuesday, November 22, 2011 by

“Calling All Robins” brings together all of the Robins past, present, and future to save the life of Batman before dawn. This E for Everyone all ages DC comic covers fairly dark material in a colorful manner. Kids should enjoy the big jawed Batman surrounded by such different looking Robins with an all-out Robin fight scene. Adults should appreciate that each of the Robins reflect the divers personalities of all of the Robins. Even though this book is light on dialogue, it has enough to capture the spirit of every known Robin, including Tim, Carrie, Stephanie, and Damien all teaming up at one time. Writer Sholly Fisch nails their individuality. As does Rick Burchett when drawing the fight scenes and costumes in a way that homages the characters and their complicated pasts. The astute reader can see the foreshadowing in this issue of lives beyond being Robin.

“Calling All Robins” Batman’s life is hanging on by a thread. In order to help save him, The Phantom Stranger summons all of the people who have worn the Robin mask in the past, present and in the future. Together, these Robins must restore their mentor back to full health before it is too late.

So how do they intend on doing so? By taking him to The Lazarus Pit, which Batman’s enemy Ra’s Al Ghul has used to stay alive for centuries. But can the team of Robins move beyond their personal differences to take on the League of Assassins and save Batman?

Sholly Fisch-Writer
Rick Burchett-Pencils
Dan Davis -Inks
Guy Major-Colors
Carlos M. Mangual-Letterer
Jim Chadwick-Editor
Bob Kane-Batman’s Creator

The same creative team put together issue #12 of the Batman book with a soap opera title. #12 was a Halloween issue, another team up, and another stand alone issue. That spirited installment also tread the delicate balance of a dark book with a colorful dual readership. The story was fun but not nearly as cool as issue #13.

DC’s all ages detective book is successfully capturing Batman for a new generation while still creating a book that can be read by fan parents too. This is how new readers should be brought into comics, a successful cartoon and a comic that balances both children and parents. Nov 18 may have been the series finale of BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD on Cartoon Network, but here’s hoping that the comic continues on.

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