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Hellraiser – What Sights Boom! Has To Show You
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In the long, long ago of 1987 a horror movie was released that was unlike any other showing at the time. In it a young girl bears witness to the destruction of her family and her own sanity. In the movie we are introduced to Kirsty Cotton, her father Larry, and stepmother Linda.

As the movie progresses, Kirsty runs afoul of four cenobites (demons to some, angels to others) due to the machinations of her Uncle Frank; A degenerate man who was torn asunder by the four ghoulish artists of the flesh in the opening moments and returns as a skinless corpse who needs blood of the living in order to restore himself to his full form. That’s the basic setup and all you need to know from there is that Frank and Linda are infinitely more monstrous than all four of the Cenobites combined. It was that that made Clive Barkers penned story unique. The monsters were not the real monsters, merely the judges of the sinfulness of the flesh.

After 24 years and a slew of sequels, Clive Barker returned to the franchise that made him a household name with his 8 issue Hellraiser mini-series. In it, Pinhead has grown bored and wishes to purchase freedom from hell, a purchase he plans to make using Kirsty’s soul as an exchange for his own. We are now 7 issues in with 1 to go and the twists and turns of this tale have been nothing short of mesmerizing. In 7 issues Clive has returned Pinhead back to the form that he had lost thanks in part to several of the sequels (especially the last three) not as a monster doing evil for it’s own sake but as a man who simply enjoys the work that he has been assigned. Only now, he no longer enjoys it. Hell has become tedious.

Barker hasn’t lost his touch to set the status quo on its head and has a flare for making you want to buy the following issue. Working with Christopher Monfette to craft a tale of longing, lost, and the quest for freedom. Freedom for Kirsty to at last be free from the fear of Pinhead and his minions running parallel with pinhead himself attempting to leave hell. The artwork of Leonard Manco is absolutely stunning to behold. His panels working flawlessly with Barker’s narrative resulting in images that grab the reader leaving him wanting more.

The last image of each issue so far has been more than enough to whet my appetite for the next in the series. The tale told incorporates from the first two movies (the ones Clive was apart of the creative process on) as well as from the comic series that ran in the early 90’s. The Harrower’s are back and have seen better days, Kirsty still struggles with the direction her life seems to take and becomes resigned to the fact that her and Pinhead’s destiny’s seem to be intertwined.

The artwork is glorious to behold painting dark, macabre settings one minute, and peaceful serene country sides the next. The effect is that it keeps the reader off balance for the twists and turns the tale makes. The plan of Pinhead is as closely guarded a secret as they come, seven issues in and we still only have a piece of it. The how he plans to achieve salvation is still unknown but he needed Kirsty to come to hell and that’s just what she’s done.

Mystery and tension abound as Clive stays true to form and crafts a story that I will miss seeing once it’s gone. Here’s hoping that this is not just a one and done from the horror master. Pinhead has always been a personal favorite and it is beyond gratifying to see him done right by once again.

Recommendation: Buy it if you like tightly written stories filled with twists and WTF moments.

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