The Geeksverse68 #1, Can an Homage Still Speak?

68 #1, Can an Homage Still Speak?
Published on Wednesday, November 23, 2011 by

The April 2011 launch of 68, another zombie comic, had several covers to chose from on the comic shop shelf. Cover B was an homage to the famous Vietnam era photograph. The original photograph by war correspondent photographer, Eddie Adams, was shocking when it hit the magazine racks of America. Adams felt that his photography should “speak truth to power.” Can the iconic image, when recycled into a comic cover, still speak truth to power?
Eddie Adams Picture

68’s use of the iconic photograph is not the first time this scene has been adapted for a comic cover. The question that I want to pose, is, does a comic re-appropriation of an iconic image still hold the power that was originally captured by the first use of that image? As often as comics use homages the prevailing thought must be that it does. But what do you think?
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The cover art can be purchased from the official 68 website.
Story by: Mark Kidwell
Art By: Jay Fotos & Nat Jones

On February 13, 1968, during the darkest days of the Vietnam conflict, the gates of hell opened wide, unleashing new and hungry life into the countless war-torn dead.

The horrors of war take a back seat as an American tunnel rat crawls into a Viet Cong warren turned undead slaughterhouse, rotting snipers fire their final bullets from treetop perches, and freshly filled body bags twitch and rise from the slab. There are zombies in the razor wire…

Horror comics creators NAT JONES, MARK KIDWELL and JAY FOTOS return to the jungles of Vietnam, expanding the zombie epic started in the original one-shot ’68 with this four-issue mini-series of undead military horror.

Each issue features multiple covers by Jones and Fotos, full 22-page stories in series continuity and a bonus 4-page short that expands on the zombie-infected world of 1968 by horror titan Tim Vigil.

Welcome to 1968… and the end of the world.

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