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Invincible #85
Published on Wednesday, November 23, 2011 by

Still the best superhero comic in the universe, or at least that is still the claim. Invincible’s comic is still feeling the lasting effects of the Virlumite war. The V survivors are hiding on Earth and the Coalition of Planets will have to decide how they feel about leaving the Vs running around.

Set in space, this issue explores the inter-species lust as well as coping with every day life around the galaxies.

Does doing a bad thing make you a bad person? Of course Allen the Alien, new head of the coalition of planets, would be concerned. His solution to the Virlumite problem is fairly drastic and sets up a fight next issue between Allen and a long time friend that don’t see eye to eye.

This is a great issue, an issue that proves this is still the best super hero comic in the universe. Without fear of rebooting or odd cross over events to get in the way, this is a title that can explore the large cast and every aspect of their personal lives. This is one of the best titles to come out of the past 20 years of Image Comics. After the disappointing scheduling of Guardians of the Globe, it is nice that the Invincible team can still put together a great issue.

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