The GeeksverseHack/Slash:Hachet/Slash Annual 2011-Advanced Review

Hack/Slash:Hachet/Slash Annual 2011-Advanced Review
Published on Friday, November 25, 2011 by

Like Ghost Rider, Mobius, and Darkness before them, Hack/Slash left its start as a horror movie send up and became a full on horror hero comic. Cassie Hack is still motivated by her own family trauma to stop other slashers and nerdowells. Teaming up with Vlad, and a few other sundry characters from across the galaxy and time, Cassie has been on the mission to stop the unstoppable.

Hack/Slash has crossed the horror and hero genres as easily, and successfully, as she has moved to Image comics.

Now, Image is releasing Hack/Slash crossover annual with Hatchet, propelling the protagonists at a movie franchise again. Two of horror comics’ biggest stars, Cassie Hack and Vlad, will soon come face to face with Victor Crowley of writer/director Adam Green’s cult favorite HATCHET series of films. Hatchet is a newer series of films, newer than Nightmare on Elmstreet, Halloween, Child’s Play, or the horror movies of my youth, so I have missed watching it. I must come clean that while I do enjoy horror films, I am quickly falling behind in my modern cult classic viewing.

Hatchet seems to be an auteur piece by Adam Green about a group of tourists in a New Orleans haunted swamp finding themselves stranded in a horrific nightmare. Slasher in the swamp. Gotcha. That is about as much background as necessary to enjoy this Hack/Slash bang up. Knowing how Tim Seeley obsesses over horror movies, I’m sure that he’s loading in allusions to the specifics of the film. Hatchet fans will probably spot more than just the broad stroke tropes being abused by Cassie’s baseball bat.

Although the monster mash up is not written by Tim Seeley, but instead by Benito Cereno, who recently paired with Robert Kirman on Guardians of the Globe. I was surprised that Tim Seeley and Adam Green didn’t co-write the story for the annual themselves, instead hand off the reigns to the products to someone else. Seeley seems willing with the constant cross overs to play nicely with others, but I was surprised that Seeley and Green didn’t pair up for Cassie and Victor Crowley.

Mardi gras, titties, and ghosts seem to have everything that Hack/Slash fans would expect. The first story in this annual is the one that will garner the most attention from Hatchet fans and potential new readers. It shouldn’t disappoint. It is a solid Hack/Slash meets the monster story.

Besides the titular monster mash up, this annual also boasts a return to Eminence. Penned by James Lowder, this returns to the main story that has been running throughout the Image Comics run.

HACK/SLASH ANNUAL 2011: HACHET SLASH (Tim Seeley & Mark Englert cover: SEP110377, Aiel Zucker-Brull cover: SEP110378), a 48-page full color horror comic for $4.99, will be on sale in stores November 2. For more information about Tim Seeley and HACK/SLASH or Hack-SlashInc.

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