The GeeksverseHaunt #19-Advance Review

Haunt #19-Advance Review
Published on Friday, November 25, 2011 by

Haunt is the creative child of Robert Kirkman and Todd MacFarlane. Issue #19 sees the property passed to the new creative team, Joe Casey, Nathan Fox, and FCO Plascencia on colors. The solicitations and news releases advertise this as a bold new direction for the character. Perhaps even surreal.

Joe Casey (BUTCHER BAKER, THE RIGHTEOUS MAKER and GODLAND) and Nathan Fox (BLUE ESTATE, Florescent Black, and Pigeons From Hell) threaten to shake things up, it turns out that they unleash a HAUNT series was never meant for the faint of heart, come issue #19, things get a whole lot nastier!

The best part of this story has always been the relationship between the two brothers. The one a fallen agent and the other a fallen priest, together they form into a hero of sorts. It is nice that Casey and Fox have kept the relationship between the two brothers front and central, at least in this issue.

Casey and Fox have also inserted a new set of villains, the Second Church, a cult of radicals that seem bent on destruction. A fanatic cult seems to be the perfect counterpoint to this unholy hero.

Issue #18, the last issue with the original creative team, was a nice recap of all of the major players, but did not propel the comic into any definite direction. Issue #19 builds on the non-shocking frame work of #18 to create a more graphic version of the story. This is an interesting beginning to a new direction, but the direction is yet to become completely clear.

My recommendation is to keep buying and keep reading. It is curious what will happen next.

Check out the full gory preview.

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