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The Mighty Thor #8
Published on Friday, November 25, 2011 by

Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Matt Fraction
Art by: Pasqual Ferry
Colored by: Frank D'Armata
Lettered by: VC's Joe Sabino
Cover Art: Pasqual Ferry w/ Frank D'Armata
Assistant Editors: Charlie Beckerman & John Denning
Editor: Ralph Macchio & Lauren Sankovitch

I’m a little confused.

Who/what is the All-Mother and where did they come from? Why is it that the Avenger’s remember Thor (Captain America and the Black Panther mention losing his strength in Avengers #19) but the Asgardian’s don’t? How is it that the Silver Surfer is human in Thor but he’s got his powers in Defenders?

I didn’t read Fear Itself #7.2, so maybe this was explained in there, but it should have been explained in this issue.

This is a hard story to pull off. There are just too many holes to fill when try to replace a character completely like Tanarus does with Thor. It comes across as odd that Loki doesn’t think Tanarus is his brother when Tanarus has been around forever. There has never been a Thor. So why all of a sudden does Loki think there is someone else?

This is what makes a story like this not work as well.

But there are elements I do like. I like the revelation of who Tanarus is and who is behind it all. This could be an interesting story but it’ll most likely mean the return of Thor, who we thought died. I was disappointed to see Thor at the end. The story of Tanarus is the more interesting one, as is the republic of Asgardia.

I just wish some more information on the All-Mother had been given. Who and where did they come from?

There are too many instances of the replacement of Thor with Tanarus that pop up. The flow of the story gets ruined. If this guy has been the God Of Thunder for all time, why all of a sudden is he being revealed a Ulik? It’s all illusion obviously, which ends up weakening the entire story. Now it’s just a matter of time to when the illusion shatters. But because we already know it’s all illusion, the strength of “who is Tanarus” is lost.

The story has just begun and it’s boring already.

And please do not have Ulik become the character (Tanarus) that he’s playing. There are already some hints that he likes the illusion more than the reality and I have a feeling he’ll end up being the “hero” in the end.

I think Ferry is the best Asgardian artist. His work just has an epic feel to it. I like Coipel’s work but Ferry’s just has a larger and more majestic feel to it.

The Mighty Thor #8 receives
3 out of 5

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