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Marvel Adventures Spiderman #20-Review
Published on Sunday, November 27, 2011 by

Static Shock and Batman Beyond have both grown up since their original TV and comic incarnations and before their recent returns. Darkwing Duck has come and gone as a bridge between kids comic, adult comic, and a true all ages comic. Spiderman has recently returned to the all-ages roots for the past 20 issues of Marvel Adventures Spiderman.

Marvel Adventures Spiderman #20 follows the pattern of the series with two short self-contained stories in each issue. These pun heavy comics have a Spiderman that is familiar to readers of the 70s and 80s. Any reader that ever read Spiderman teaming up with Electric Company for Super Tales should find a familiar web-slinger swinging through these issues.

Marvel Adventures Spiderman #20 brings in one story with a classic Spidey villain, Sandman, and a less than classic villain, Red Ghost. Sandman would be immediately recognizable to any new reader that only knows Spiderman from the last three Sam Raimi movies. Readers that only know Spiderman from reading the past 20 issues would still know Sandman since he’s a recurring character. Wider read Spiderman characters will recognize Red Ghost as the key character to Marvel Apes, but that is not necessary to enjoy the ape punching second story in this issue.

Marvel Adventures Spiderman creates a tapestry of fun self-contained stories that have a framework of continuity between them, but are not bothered by the constraints of the rest of the Marvel Universe. This could be the newest stab of Ultimate Comics self-contained continuity.

Like Batman Beyond, Spiderman is a teen character that has the power to bring in young readers. Spiderman is both larger than life and accessible to young readers because he is not perfect, he has a sense of humor, and he occasionally has to overcome forces beyond his ken. Marvel Adventures Spiderman has showcased that in the past several issues, yielding to the power cosmic and out smarting villains. Marvel Adventures Spiderman has more promise to pull in more new readers than the .1 initiative. This should be a gateway comic pulling in new readers from young readers or non-readers. Perhaps this will not be regarded as high-art or Literature (with a capital L) to many non-comic readers, but this could be the perfect title for young movie goers, action figure players, and cartoon watchers.

Luckily, this is also a comic that can be enjoyed by adult comic book readers that want more fun comics. Particularly, this is an all ages all-ages story. This is a great series that parents and kids can both curl up with and enjoy.

Check out the consistent story and art in this series in the preview below. Then head to the comic book shop and ask about this great all age all-ages story.

Written by PAUL TOBIN
Cover by ALE GARZA
THE SANDMAN’S BACK IN TOWN – AND SPIDER-MAN DECIDES TO LIE DOWN? The Sand-manipulating Flint Marko returns to town, so confident in his criminal ways that he’s calling ahead on his bank robberies and nobody… not the police and certainly not Spider-Man… can stop him! PLUS! Does Spider-Man stand a Red Ghost a chance against a certain trio of Super Apes?
32 PGS./All Ages …$2.99

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