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Mr. Potato Head & PPW Toys
Published on Sunday, November 27, 2011 by

Mr. Potato Head has been a staple in the Hasbro/Playskook toy catalog for decades. In recent years, the team up with PPW Toys has helped develop new parts for the familiar fantasy face family and friends.

Mr. Potato Head has under went changes since his creation. The plastic potato body was one landmark. Losing his pipe in favor of creating a non-smoking playworld for children was another. This year’s slimmer spud bodies is yet another land mark change in the Hasbro toy.

2011 has been a big year for the child’s toy. Fresh from his appearance in another Toy Story movie, and with the supporting toys, Mr. Potato is still going strong in 2011.

The slimmer spud body has been featured in the new Silly Suitcases and Monster Mash Spud. The slimmer full size spuds are out in full force, replacing the rounder plastic potato body that was featured with the 2010 movie tie-in spuds.

A newer slimmer mini-spud, or spud pal, size spud is also at play. The Looney Tunes are an example of a slimmer mini-spud body. The Looney Tunes are prime examples of the new pieces being added to the line and playbox by PPW Toys.

PPW Toys is a manufacturer of licensed toys and games focused on brands that appeal to adult as well as kids. Based in Los Angeles, Califronia, the company co-licenses toys and games to increase their portfolio. One of the successful co-licensed products shared with Hasbro, and are familiar vegetable variants.

PPW and Hasbro have brought Kiss, Elvis, 3 Stooges, Wizard of Oz, Star Trek, Looney Tunes, and other familiar faces to potato bodies. Obviously these fan aimed potatoes are marketed toward adult collectors. Many of these music and entertainment potatoes have been found at Spencers and other non-toy stores in the past.

Although, one of the bonuses of these collectible potatoes is that they can be shared with children as well. The pieces are still interchangeable with other mini spuds. The mini spuds often have one piece faces, but they can still be swapped out. The arms, legs, and hair is still changeable as well. The wide potato catalog offers a large collection of new pieces from music, entertainment, and sports related pieces. The hair, arms, and feet alone would enrich any child’s play box as easily as appealing to adult collectors. These highly detailed sets include a variety of components to mix and match and is perfect for play or display!

The PPW co-license has been great for the Mr. Potato and Mrs. Potato brands.

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