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Sonic Universe #34- Review
Published on Monday, November 28, 2011 by

Ian Flynn is off penning Mega Man and other comics around the Archie/Sega Universe, so Tracey Yardley has picked up the quill for Sonic Universe during this arc. The Rouges have been the central focus in this story, developing characters beyond the Sega Games, and focusing more on feathered friends than Hedgehogs for the past two issues.

Sonic Universe #34 is another fun romp in all age comics, aimed at both kids, cartoon fans, and game fans all at once. Yardley does a nice job holding that delicate balance that Ian Flynn and other Archie writers have managed with the Sonic titles.

Cover Artist Tracy Yardley & Matt Herms
Writer Tracy Yardley
Editor Paul Kaminski

The end of the story moves from the feathered Rouges to New Mobotropolis and the blue hedgehog and friends. The last few pages pull Sonic, Tales, Sally,and the entire cannon of Archie Sonic comics into the readers memory. For readers that are not encyclopedic on the matters, editors notes are copious to point you to the references. However, the dialogue explains the exposition well enough that the reader need not buy more back issues than are wanted.

One of the reasons I picked up Sonic Universe, without the other titles, was a feeling that this title would flesh out the world without bogging me down with the back issues. It does, but bringing in the famous blue hedgehog does pull in more backstory than I wanted. I was hoping for a self contained Rogues story, instead, I was teased with that to bring in the hedgehogs.

This arc is not as good as the more contained prison story that it follows, however, it is still a great story. Yardley transitions from artist to writer well in this arc.

The flying scenes are fun, full of action and laughs. Speedy’s flight harness, which looks like an egg diaper, is mocked as it should be. The designs are fanciful and whimsical yet somehow seem to make sense all at the same time.

This is another great comic that can be enjoyed and shared by fans of all ages. Like Batman: Brave and Bold and Marvel Adventures: Spiderman and unlike Batman Beyond or Static Shock, this book holds that delicate all-ages balance. Now that Darkwing Duck has wrapped up, Sonic is quickly becoming an all-ages title I look forward to more and more each month.

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