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Ghost Rider #6-Review
Published on Tuesday, December 6, 2011 by

Ghost Rider #6 is another issue in this already cancelled comic. It is not surprising. This comic has yet to fully find its flaming feet. In this installment the female Ghost Rider is wrestling with her past mistakes and looking for her own repentance and longing to go to a shopping mall. It is an uneven portrayal of the young girl mantled with the demonic powers of vengeance.

The cover is misleading since Johnny Blaze is not in this comic and is definitely not reduced to a pile of bones and leather. It is a nice cover image.

The most disappointing part of this story is the setting. Ghost Rider heads into a swamp, meets a witch woman, and finds a village of the damned, but why does it have to be in the United States? This series started in South America and the anti-hero says she is looking for a way to fix the people she has stripped of sin, but why head into the US for that? A swamp or jungle in South America would have worked as well or perhaps better. Geographically this series did not need to head back into the United States. The narrow geographic focus of the general Marvel Comics is not attractive in this comic.

The monster in this story harkens back to the original premise of Ghost Rider as a horror movie meets super hero. This issue rests soundly on the moody horror movie motif and pulls back from the superhero component of the character. This reads like the balance that Darkness will soon be striking when Phil Hester’s run is finished soon. In other horror hero comics that is a challenging balance to strike. Ghost Rider as a series is doing it unevenly at the moment, but this issue does it well.

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