The GeeksverseHow Would You Do It? #2 – DC’s The New 52 Part 1

How Would You Do It? #2 – DC’s The New 52 Part 1
Published on Thursday, December 8, 2011 by

DC’s the new 52 is four months old now, so I think it’s a good time to look back at the relaunch. I’m going to look back somewhat differently than I have before or other places have done. The New 52 launched 52 “new” titles in the DCU; continuing some, bringing back others, changing still others and creating new titles. But out of those 52 titles there is some things I would have done differently.

52 titles is alot and to get to that number DC launched multiple Green Lantern, Batman and Superman titles. They basically continued Batman and Green Lantern from where they were storywise prior to the relaunch. The only problem is that this new continuity is really only 5 years old, superheroes have been around pubically for around 5 years. 5 years is a really short amount of time to have 4 Earth Green Lanterns, 4 Robins and Batman Inc.

So the first thing I would have done is relaunch those two continuities and trim a couple of the books. Yes, this would have resulted in less than 52 books at launch, but that is easily handled and I’ll get to that later.

Green Lantern
In 5 years Hal Jordan has gotten the ring, done something to either piss off the Guardians so they take the ring from him and/or died and the ring is given to another, and gotten the ring returned to him. In that same five years, Guy Gardner has gotten the ring, gotten it taken away and/or died, and gotten the ring returned to him. In that same five years, John Stewart has gotten the ring, gotten it taken away and/or died, and gotten the ring returned to him. And Kyle Rayner has gotten the ring given to him.

All that in 5 years? Plus the other colored Lanterns have been round and are roaming around.

I would have gotten rid of Guy, John and Kyle. I know this would have pissed off alot of fans, but that already happened with the New 52. But, if done right, this could have gotten those same pissed off fans getting the book each and every month. Show those three characters in the background at various points (John’s designing Hal’s new home, Carol buys a piece of art from Kyle, etc..). Show the fans that they exist in this new continuity.

Make the fans wonder and guess if/when they are going to get their shot at being Green Lantern. It could be years away, or it could never happen and a new character gets the ring (and this could borrow from Wildstorm and having a character from there get it).

The other benefit is that the writers get to start fresh with Green Lantern. Take what didn’t work from the previous continuity and make it work this time, make it new. The new 52 is starting fresh. The majority of the books did that, why not Green Lantern?

Hell, could even have John Stewart be the Green Lantern currently. That would make people wonder what happened to Hal Jordan in those five years.

DC could have gone any number of directions by removing the rings from John, Guy and Kyle but instead they are now stuck with the 5 years and 4 Earth Green Lanterns.

If the Guardians really needed four Lanterns for the Earth sector in 5 years, they should probably have rethought the whole protection thing and sealed off the sector completely.

Teen Titans, Gen 13 and Young Justice
This one is multi-faceted. One of the compliants with Red Hood was the portrayal of Starfire. We won’t get into that now that much but only to hit on one specific part of the complaints. Something brought up was the recognition (rightly or wrongly, I don’t think there was much from a Cartoon that was over five years done by this point) of Starfire from the Teen Titans cartoon. Currently on Cartoon Network is Young Justice.

Why relaunch Teen Titans when there is a fairly popular cartoon on currently? Wouldn’t it have made sense to have Young Justice be one of the new books? I don’t know how much having a Young Justice book would have brought in the cartoon fans, but with the timing it almost seems stupid to have not done a Young Justice book.

But what about the fans of the Teen Titans, a book that had just reached 100 issues immediately prior to the relaunch?

Remember how we lost 3 books by cutting Green Lantern down from 4 to 1? Well this is a chance to return one of those books to the roster. Why couldn’t there be a Teen Titans and a Young Justice book?

The reason why both groups exist would have to be worked out and ironed out (alot better than most of what has been done in the new 52’s new continuity) but it could work and each book could stand on it’s own.

Young Justice would have a line-up similar to the cartoon and closely follow the cartoon, but in the new 52 continuity. This would be the junior Justice League like it is now. Obviously (or maybe not depending on how much you really wanted to change up the new 52) characters like Zatanna would not be involved, but pretty much everyone else would. Could do some minor tweaking so that Robin was Tim Drake in the new 52, not Dick Grayson like in YJ.

But if Superboy, Robin and Kid Flash are in YJ, who will make up the Teen Titans?

This is where we hit up Wildstorm for more characters. Wildstorm is already pretty integrated with the DCU now with Stormwatch (Authority), Grifter and Voodoo. But where those characters exist in their own books and aren’t really mingled with the greater DCU (at least not yet), this would be an oppotunity to really make the two universe mesh.

The new Teen Titans roster would be Wonder Girl, Solstice, Bunker, Skitter, Fairchild and Grunge (or Rainmaker, Burn-Out, Freefall, whatever combination ended up working better). The Titans still follow the same idea that the New 52 book does. They’re young metahumans trying to stop N.O.W.H.E.R.E. from capturing/experimenting on them.

Wait.. that sounds pretty familiar. Wasn’t Gen 13 along those lines?

See where this is heading?

N.O.W.H.E.R.E. could be headed up by Miles Craven and Ivana Biaul (recognize those names from Wildstorm?). Some of the DV8 could be working for Biaul.

YJ would be the future heroes in training. Teen Titans would the heroes on the run. I’d also throw Arsenal (Red Arrow) onto the Teen Titans. This could tie into how he left Young Justice and further connect it to the events of the cartoon. But what does that mean for Red Hood And The Outlaws? You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

It’s the best of both worlds (well three tecnically). You get a Young Justice book that looks and feels like the cartoon, taking the most advantage of the latest DC property in the public eye, you get a second book in Teen Titans and you grab alot of the Wildstorm Gen 13 fans.

BTW, having three book; Young Justice, Teen Titans and Gen 13; just wouldn’t work. Too much overlap, not enough popular “hook” characters between the three books, and it’s just not needed when two could easily combine the three.

Look for Part two of “How I Would Have Done The New 52″ tomorrow.

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