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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro-Series: Raphael
Published on Thursday, December 8, 2011 by

Published by: IDW Publishing
Written by: Brian Lynch
Penciled by: Franco Urru
Colored by: Fabio Mantovani
Lettered by: Chris Mowry
Cover Art: A- David Petersen; B- Franco Urru w/ Fabio Mantovani; C- Kevin Eastman
Editor: Bobby Curnow

The scheduling of this issue is kind of odd.

It takes place after TMNT #5. Issue #4 just came out last week.

Luckily it seems that nothing in this spoils anything that happens in #5.

This issue follows Raphael and Casey Jones on a patrol night. The deeper meaning is supposed to be about family and having the support of your family. That doesn’t carry through the story that well. In fact, when Lynch tries to support that lesson, it actually weakens the overall story and feels out of place.

Lynch’s Raphael is more cheerful, funnier then the turtle normally is. The dialogue is strong but again feels out of place in the overall story. If the idea is to make Raphael realize how important his brothers are, the plot doesn’t make sense for Raph to arrive at that point. Nothing in the encounter with Alopex leads towards Raph realizing how much he needs the other Turtles.

The lesson feels out of place, but the rest of the story (the encounter with Alopex and the two guys that will someday become Rocksteady and Bebop) works very well. The original Mirage/First micro-series served as set-ups for the ongoing series and this one does that as well. The story sets up some plot points that will be hit in the ongoing, hopefully, especially with the recognizable shadow on the last page.

A note on Rocksteady and Bebop. Lynch does a good job of foreshadowing and using visual cues to make long term fans realize who these two are. New fans will see them just as thugs, but old schoolers have easter eggs. I laughed when Rocksteady said “I’m a goddamn rhinoceros”. Nice work there.

Alopex is an interesting character as well. I’m enjoying the use of new mutants in the IDW run, Old Hob and Alopex. Hopefully she’ll make an appearance in the main series soon.

Overall this was a fun little issue, giving Raph some spotlight time. Not quite as gritty as I would expect with this character, but it accomplishes the same goal as the original micro-series did.

Urru’s art is decent. He’s got a good grasp of storytelling, with some good layouts and perspective. His characters are well proportioned and move smoothly. The only complaint I had was that Raph was too lanky.

Urru did a good job with Alopex, showing her agility and abilties.

TMNT Micro-Series: Raphael receives
4 out of 5

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