The GeeksverseQuick Thoughts Week 12-7-11

Quick Thoughts Week 12-7-11
Published on Saturday, December 10, 2011 by

Static Shock #4
I will keep reading this along as it doesn’t get overly saturated in DCUniverse baggage. At this point, the revamped revival of Static is more Spider-Man than ever before. The young hero with quips, working for a science lab after school is a perinatal favorite in super hero comics. It works well as story fodder here. Although, it has yet to be truly explored. The after school aspect of this book has only been hinted at in the past several issues. This book does continue the double sister story which promises a bizarre pay off. The art in this issue is not as clear as past issues. The lines are good but the placement is dizzying in a bad way.

Hack/Slash #10
More superhero odd world action from the tormented slasher stalker.

Micro Series: Raphael #1
Fun new mutants and hints at old favorites make a nice combination. Urru draws the turtles leaner and meaner. The odd snow fox legs and claws make sense in a mutant animal sort of way. Some of the fanboy hints are amazing. Sure, Beebop and Rocksteady were mentioned already in Troynos’s longer review, but check out the cages behind a scared snow fox and then reread your Archie comics and a few other things will come clear.

G.I. Joe #8
This is the Cobra Commander reveal that is the pay off for a years worth of story. I still think that it is odd it happened in the Joe title and not in the Cobra title.

I bought my copy late in the week and read it with relished glee. It was not disappointing. What was disappointing is how easy it was to avoid the spoilers for the issue. I am disappointed that this was not discussed in more detail on websites every where.

This should have been a larger buzz and harder to miss.

It was a good year of stories.

This also sets up a nice cross over event: Cobra Command. I don’t think the violence against the Joes is going to stop yet. Cobra has killed hundreds of Joes and it is going to keep going and going.

Batman: Under the Red Hood (DVD)
I have a complaint, one of the fearsome four costumes looks like one of my favorite Batman Beyond villains. Otherwise, this is a great DVD, telling a neat story that is part of the newer Batman mythos. It has complicated sets of characters and does not slow down to explain them all for the uninitiated. Watching the Red Hood swing the crow bar was nice in animation. This is a neat movie for the fans of this character. DCUniverse churns out nice DVD movies.

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