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Batman: Brave and Bold #14
Published on Sunday, December 18, 2011 by

During this holiday season, Batman: Brave and Bold #14 could be a stocking stuffer but it is more fitting as a small gift while lighting the candles of Hanukkah. DC Comics’ Batman kids line has provided a nicely inclusive holiday tale. The tale focuses on another Gotham City hero: Ragman and the Jewish neighborhood facing gentrification.

Ragman is a colorful hero in this square jawed Batman book, but Ragman doesn’t back down from facing off with Batman. Ragman confronts the pointy cowled hero for rarely visiting the poor neighborhood. It is a speech that Batman infamously rails against Superman for ignoring the small crimes in favor of saving the world. It is a nice reversal.

This is a timely book as a holiday story.

This is also a timely book in the current economic climate. Around the country gentrification is being touted as a way to “save” urban areas by preserving the spaces as trendy living for up and comers instead of preserving the spaces for the inhabitants. Writer Sholly Fisch captures the problem with urban re-development and provides Batman’s alter ego inhabits a savoir role to stop the greedy property grab in concert with the hero stopping the crooks. Unfortunately, the rest of the country won’t step up and save struggling neighborhoods. This tale is the closest to Occupy Gotham that DC has offered during this hectic economic time.

Yet again, Batman’s animated tie-in has managed to draw in both young and old. This time is also pulls in a nice Hanukkah tale.

Written by Sholly Fisch
Art and cover by Rick Burchett and Dan Davis
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