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Snake Eyes #8
Published on Sunday, December 18, 2011 by

Kwinn redeemed in this issue of Snake Eyes on-going separate tale. This issue of Cobra’s Civil War is resolved by resolving the personal trails of Duke and Snake Eyes. Vargas is ultimately resolved too taking him out as a contender for the mantle of Cobra Commander–which was awarded already to Krake making this issue seem either 1) out of order with the Civil War or 2) deftly continuing the Civil War in far reaching laboratories that would not have been notified that a new leader has been awarded. I choose to believe the latter.

Snake Eyes #8 wraps up the story.

It also establishes that Kwinn will return in the future looking for a favor from the black clad ninja.

No matter which cover you picked up this month, the story is chock full of toy references. This news IDW run may not be as dictated by toy design as the Marvel Comics run, but this issue is plumped with Vipers, Toxo-Vipers, and Cobra greatness.

Cover A: John Haynes’ toy photo cover
Cover B: Robert Atkins and Simon Gough’s Dual Snake Eyes Cover
Cover RI: Tom Feister’s Commander Cover

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