The Geeksverse’68: Jungle Jim (one-shot)

’68: Jungle Jim (one-shot)
Published on Wednesday, December 21, 2011 by

Another one-shot installment of the ’68 zombie stories. ’68: Jungle Jim is another installment fleshing out the world of this Image historic zombie infestation. While I am generally burned out on the glut of zombie comics, Image comics is putting out the two best zombie tales at the moment. Walking Dead is interesting because it is a long running story with no clear end–Romero beyond two hours. ’68 goes the other way augmenting the four part story with one-shots to flesh out related stories. Both try to stir an emotional resonance.

Jungle Jim is an interesting character design with the gas mask, helmet, and arm wrappings trying to keep the zombie away.

The flash back is well paced and differentiated from the rest of the story. It provides the history of a character without derailing the story.

This is a nice historic zombie one-shot.

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