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Lady Mechanika #3
Published on Thursday, December 22, 2011 by

Published by: Aspen MLT
Written & Drawn by: Joe Benitez
Colored by: Peter Steigerwald
Lettered by: Josh Reed
Cover Art: A- Joe Benitez w/ Peter Steigerwald; B- Billy Tan w/ Peter Steigerwald
Assistant Editor: Josh Reed
Editor: Vince Hernandez & Frank Mastromauro

This is an extremely wordy comic book. There are some pages that seem nothing but words.

Normally that makes for a bad comic book, but not this series. It works in Lady Mechanika. Benitez’s script fits the series. This is a Victorian Steampunk tale and the dialogue and script match that. It’s extremely formal, but in a good way. The script flows smoothly and even though there is alot of it, the story doesn’t get bogged down in the reading.

It’s a fine line that Benitez walks with this and so far he’s done a great job at it.

It’s a well written story. The pacing is getting better with each issue, showing Benitez’s growth as a writer. The characters are getting deeper, growing and developing, with little bits being added. It’s only been three issues, but can see alot of growth in Benitez’s writing abilities.

For an issue with this many words, not much happens. There’s alot of talking, exposition, as Mechanika learns more about the other mechanical girl. The mystery deepens and Benitez does a good job of laying out the clues and growing the story at the same time. It flows naturally and smoothly from each little bit dropped.

Where Lady Mechanika really shines is in the art. I’ve always liked Benitez’s art ever since he started at Top Cow. This series is a masterpiece. There is so much tiny detail in each panel. Each page is well laid out, working with the text and not against it. There was only one instance where the text was hard to follow because of the amount of it in each bubble.

Overall this is a beautiful book and the story is top notch. For an issue where not much action happens, Benitez does a great job keeping the story flowing and interesting and not letting it get bogged down in the sheer amount of text. The amount of detail and craftsmanship of the art help the words from being overwhelming. Alot of times, this amount of words would overpower the art, but not in this case, it all works together.

Lady Mechanika #3 receives
4.5 out of 5

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