The GeeksverseQuick Thought Reviews For The Week Or 12/14/11

Quick Thought Reviews For The Week Or 12/14/11
Published on Thursday, December 22, 2011 by

Demon Knights #4
Published by: DC Comics
Written by: Paul Cornell
Penciled by: Mike Choi w/ Diogenes Neves

So Adam-One from Stormwatch is Merlin? Interesting. I like the hints of how and why Stormwatch gets formed. This solidifies the Demon Knights with the DCU proper. Also liked the vision by the Shining Knight. Interesting stuff. And the reveal that the Questing Queen had a vision as well? Interesting. Very interesting.

4 out of 5

Battlescars #2
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Chris Yost, Matt Fraction, Cullen Bunn
Penciled by: Scot Eaton

So far this series isn’t doing much for me. Marcus Johnson is pretty bland as a character. He suffers from the “super soldier” syndrome. He’s an Army Ranger. He’s tough. He’s skilled. But could he take out SHIELD agents and Russian Mobsters? Probably not. What is the point? It’s decently written and with some decent art. Except that splash page of Taskmaster swinging his sword at Cap? Badly done. That sword swing is awkward.

3.5 out of 5

Batgirl #4
Published by: DC Comics
Written by: Gail Simone
Penciled by: Ardian Syaf

Barbara Gordon’s mother returns at the end of this issue. It’s supposed to be a big and shocking cliffhanger. But here’s the thing, and it’s an indication of the issues with the soft reboot of the New 52, only people that know Batgirl’s prior history will understand the significance of the event. This issue has the one time the mother is mentioned, as leaving when Babs was 12, and it just doesn’t create a strong enough impression for the shock at the end. The rest of the issue is decent enough.

3.5 out of 5

Locke & Key: Clockworks #3
Published by: IDW Publishing
Written by: Joe Hill
Art by: Gabriel Rodriguez

This is a top notch series. Excellant art. Excellant writing. And the team works perfectly together creating a masterpiece. Hill does a great job with the pacing, sending Tyler and Kinsey into the past to learn some of the mysteries behind Lockehouse and the keys. Good stuff. This volume has been interesting as we’re getting alot of backstory, but the main story is still moving forward.

4.5 out of 5

Grifter #4
Published by: DC Comics
Written by: Nathan Edmondson
Penciled by: Scott Clark

Very interesting. The appearance of Green Arrow seemed out of place, out of the blue. But we did get an interesting little tidbit thrown out. Grifter asks Green Arrow about daemonties. Green Arrow hears it as “demon-knights”. Now that’s interesting. Could DC really have a bigger plan with the New 52 titles, or at least some of them? Too bad there are still so many editorial issues with the titles that great things like this get overshadowed.

4 out of 5

Ultimate X-Men #4
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Nick Spencer
Penciled by: Paco Medina

This issue was very solid right up until the last page. I’m so confused by the last page that it almost ruins the whole book. Rogue is walking through the crowd, hooded, and takes it off and says she wants to be forgiven, but then we see a full page shot of Rogue and the others charging. Where did they come from? That whole sequence just is off.

3.5 out of 5

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