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Young Justice #11
Published on Thursday, December 22, 2011 by

Young Justice brings the Cartoon Network show into a great comic book. The 11th issue is another tale that fits between the cartoon episodes, showing where Robin and Batman were while the covert team assisted Dr. Fate and Kid Flash had to face the reality of magic into his scientific mind.

I like the way Young Justice does more than just recap what young fans can see on TV. I’ve always felt that kids shows do a service by offering a print version of the TV shows but that it is also a stumbling block. Having a print version of a fun show may help literacy but it also seems redundant which provides a stumbling block. Marvel’s three issue Biker Mice From Mars had that trouble. Even as a younger reader I wanted the comics to provide more story instead of just the same story again. It seems to be why children want toys, comics, t-shirts, and other ways to extend their favorite shows. And why adult collectors often do the same.

Young Justice #11 is a solid Batman and Robin issue. Often, I feel that the dynamic duo has enough comic pages around the DC Universe but this is a good story where the pair are well used. Batman, Talia, and Raj have nice moments that don’t childishly play with the tension between these three dynamic forces. Each seems true to character. Raj wants to destroy the world to save it. Batman wants to save it. Talia is caught in the middle. Robin has a few good one liners keeping him in line with the “whelmed” Robin from Young Justice.

Issues #11 & 12 turns its attention to Robin and a return to Gotham City for a face off with Clayface. Clayface has an interesting origin story at the end of the issue. This two part adventure serves as a good jumping in point. If you haven’t read these yet, then I would recommend picking up here.

Now that I’ve praised this series for fleshing out the world of the cartoon and the story itself. I would be remiss if I did not point out that the timing seems off rhythm. The cartoon version started in 2010 and the Young Justice episode that this recent comic parallels happened nearly a year ago; the original air date for episode 7 “Denial” was 18 February 2011. It seems odd to see the character of Red Tornado serving as den mother for the covert teen group knowing what happens to him in episode 15 “Humanity.” The out of sync rhythm seems partially to blame.

The cartoon has mixed reviews, the toys suck but have Wal-Mart exclusives out this year, yet the comic stands on a decent start. Perhaps the newly stocked toys and comic are meant to support the DVDs or perhaps the show will be coming back from hiatus. Either way this is a kids series that has created a great jumping in point for new readers.

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