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Darkness #96
Published on Sunday, December 25, 2011 by

This issue draws heavily on the reader’s innate understanding of the Grammar of Comics, so ZuluDelta’s column is aptly timed. The most recent issue of Darkness, scripted by Phil Hester, only has one line of dialogue and one page of exposition/narration within the entire issue. The rest is provided by the reader’s following of the wordless story.

The story, the first part of the Kingdom of Darkness story arc, is a Savage Land tale starring the Darkness wielder. Savages, beasts, beauties, kings, and Darkness formed crowns and wings. Nothing is explained, but Jackie revisits familiar territory since Ron Marz also penned a Jackie in the Wild story arc a few years ago–which resulted in his concubine giving birth to something even more unholy than its father.

Phil Hester begins the countdown to Darkness 100 with an oddball issue that may be setting the new tone of the book. Only time will tell.
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