The GeeksverseSonic Universe #35

Sonic Universe #35
Published on Sunday, December 25, 2011 by

Sonic Universe loses the charm that I was enjoying. This issue is an all out slug fest battle-o-rama with many familiar faces. However, it is not the stand alone story that I want it to be. Copious editors notes are helpful but seem to be a constant reminder that I need to pick up some trades and start trafficking in the back catalog of this series.

The Babylonian Rogues, high tech high fliers, also seem to lose their charm this issue. They have been pressed back into service of the battle armada, which happened at the conclusion of (*SU #34), but it seems odd that they are accepting their role so completely this issue.

Overall: eh. A long reading Sonic fan would enjoy the emotional catharsis of this issue, but casual fans like myself may be less impressed. This is not a good jumping in point. Discuss on the Pryde Forum.

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