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Fatale #1
Published on Wednesday, January 4, 2012 by

Published by: Image Comics
Written by: Ed Brubaker
Art by: Sean Phillips
Colored by: Dave Stewart
Cover Art: Sean Phillips w/ Dave Stewart

Ever since this was announced I’ve been interested. A crime noir comic with supernatural elements? What’s not to like?

The first issue is very well crafted. Brubaker sets it up like a novel. There’s an interesting prologue and then it starts off with chapter one which reads like a novel, with the comic panels filling in alot of what would have been written action and descriptions. It reads like an old noir detective novel. And it has all the elements of that.

The supernatural has only a small appearance, but the mystery that is set up in the person of Josephine is enough to keep the reader’s interest. Just who is this woman and why does she have such an effect on people? The story that Brubaker and Phillips are laying out here is interesting.

As far as it being a first issue, it definately works at capturing the readers attention and hooking them. Not much is revealed, or even set up. The differences between the prologue and the first chapter aren’t explained and we’re not sure if the story is Lash reading it, or if it’s actually happening. But it helps make the story work and helps deepen the mystery. The cover is a bit misleading as that doesn’t happen in the issue and that can cause some confusion. It does hint at the deeper supernatural elements, but those don’t appear. On one hand, with the cover as a reference, the issue could feel incomplete, but on the other it comes across as a hint of whats to come. Between the cover and what is referenced in the story itself, the revelations to come will definately be worth picking up the rest of the series for.

Phillips art has gotten better. He’s always been a great technical artist, always having very well laid out pages and the action flowed in interesting and natural ways, but his figures have usually been a little rough for my tastes. Especially his women. He’s gotten much better since I first saw his work in Sleeper. The beauty of Josephine shows.

Fatale #1 receives
4 out of 5

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