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G.I. Joe #9
Published on Thursday, January 5, 2012 by

Published by: IDW Publishing
Written by: Chuck Dixon
Art by: Alex Cal
Colored by: J. Brown
Lettered by: Shawn Lee
Cover Art: A- Dave Wilkins, B- Wil Rosado w/ Romulo Fajardo Jr, C- Nick Runge
Assistant Editor: Carlos Guzman
Editor: John Barber

Now this is a G.I. Joe comic. IDW’s handling of Joe has been good for the most part, but this is a way to really kick it into high gear. Krake’s first move as Cobra Commander is a big one. I’m reminding of the time in Hama’s ARAH run that Cobra invaded Behzeen and the Joes had to fight them through the city. This makes me think of those issues, some of the best of the Hama run, but it has a more gritty feel, a more dangerous feel.

Krake’s reasoning behind invading Nanzhao is very interesting. It’s a country led by a totalitarian regime, outlawed by most of the world, and full of heroin fields. So Cobra looks like the good guys, ousting a bad government and destroying the heroin. But really it will help drive Cobra’s own illegal drug market and give them their own country. Genius. Where the old Cobra Commander was more behind the scenes, behind the curtain, this new one is more proactive.

This shows the big difference in the old Cobra and the new. The Joes may soon wish for the old behind the scenes Cobra.

The story moves at a quick pace and I absolutely love that Dixon references the past mission in Rangoon that was first brought up in the early issues of volume one. Nice to see that come out again and nice to get a glimpse of what happened. Have a feeling that will play a big part in later issues.

Enough action for what is really a set-up issue. But even with alot of talking and planning, Dixon keeps it interesting and engaging. Can’t wait to see where the rest of the story goes.

The art by Cal is great. He’s got some interesting layouts that really help set the dangerous tone. His figures are excellant and the panels flow smoothly and work well with the story. There are a couple of minor things that stood out to me, but definately not enough to hurt the story. He has a slight problem with drawing berets, every occurance looked odd. And there’s a shot of Cobra Commander where his arms are out of proportion.

Noticable to stand out, but the majority of the book has top notch art that really fits a high action, high octane military book. He does an excellant job with the Cobra equipment.

Have to give some credit to the colorist, J. Brown. The digital camo pattern he gave some of the helicopters and the green/brown on others was excellant. And I want a figure of Storm Shadow in the green/brown camoflauge.

4.5 out of 5

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