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Ferals #1
Published on Friday, January 6, 2012 by

Published by: Avatar Press
Written by: David Lapham
Art by: Gabriel Andrade
Colored by: Digikore Studios
Cover Art: Gabriel Andrade
Managing Editor: Jim Kuhoric
Editor-In-Chief: William Christensen

I have a feeling that Werewolves are going to become the new zombies. For awhile everyone was doing a zombie story, and still are, but I’ve seen more and more werewolf stories coming out. That’s not a bad thing, as long as they’re good.

And Ferals is good.

Lapham’s story is strong, with the werewolf making only a brief appearance. But we see it’s handiwork to start off with. Lapham doesn’t pull any punches with the characterization. This is a messed up bunch of people, but in a way they are completely real. I get the feeling that Cypress is in Alaska or somewhere like that, and the actions/reactions of the people in Ferals come across as those in a small isolated town.

Dale Chesnutt is one of three cops in the town and he’s called in to the scene of a murder. The man, Mark, was ripped to shreds. Mark is Dale’s best friend, the ex-husband of Jackie, who reported the murder. She had come by Mark’s trailer to rob him, because the deadbeat never paid alimony or child support. Dale is also sleeping with Jackie. Messed up characters. Not to forget the strange girl, who I have a feeling will play a bigger role, that Dale picks up and has sex with before he goes and sees Jackie.

Messed up, but strangely they come across as more real then most characters in comic books. The dialogue and the way they talk to each other sounds real and true. Jackie matter of factly telling a drunk Dale that she’s on birth control because she got tired of him forgetting to bring condemns is a good example. There’s something white trash about all of them, but at the same time they come across as real.

And then the werewolf shows up and the real story begins. Where Lapham takes this should be interesting.

The art by Andrade is excellant. He’s very detailed and his figures are well done. Why hasn’t this guy gotten more work before? He’s very sound technically. He does a good job with a couple of the gory scenes and the background details are well done. He puts alot into the pages.

Ferals #1 receives
4.5 out of 5

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