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Peanuts #1
Published on Friday, January 6, 2012 by

Happiness is a New Comic Series, Charlie Brown

Charles Schultz may be gone, but neither he nor  his characters will ever be forgotten. In fact, I would put money down that Peanuts will live forever. Boom seems to believe this too; as it has rolled out the first issue of Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang in an all new ongoing series launching from their kid friendly imprint: KABOOM.

The Peanuts ongoing title is a collection of original stories (by writers Shane Houghton and Vicki Scott) with some classic Peanuts tales mixed in. The format of having an original story followed by a Classic peanut comic strip serves the book well, as it gives you the chance to compare the new material (okayed by the Schulz family) with the original works that made the gang the most popular comic strip in America.

The artwork by Paige Braddock, Vicki Scott, and Matt Whitlock is phenomenal; with none of the artists changing a single hair on any of the gangs’ heads. This serves the book well with the art being identical to Schultz; so much so, that I had trouble remembering that the new tales were never in the comic section of my local newspaper.

My attention was most drawn to the page layout.  The artists utilize the background of each page by either drawing one of the characters to have them peeking at the reader through the gaps or having the page and panel working together in the story. An example of this is when a naughty nickel is knocked out of Lucy’s Psychiatrists cup only to escape the confines of the panel in which it resided and coming to rest at the bottom of the page between two other panels forever lost to the young Miss Van Pelt.  Visually, this makes a very engaging panel design and format.

The classic stories are as funny today as they were when they were freshly published in newspapers around the world; a true testament to the talent and brilliance of the creator. The new tales retain the simple, innocent feel that Schultz captured so effortlessly throughout his career.

Simply put, Peanuts #1 promises to be a great collection of laugh out loud stories for all ages; no matter if you’re a child or an adult, you will surely enjoy this read!

It comes highly recommended.

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