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Stormwatch #5
Published on Friday, January 6, 2012 by

Published by: DC Comics
Written by: Paul Cornell
Art by: Miguel Sepulveda
Colored by: Allen Passalaqua
Lettered by: Rob Leigh
Cover Art: Miguel Sepulveda w/ Allen Passalaqua
Assistant Editor: Sean Mackiewicz
Editor: Pat McCallum

I’ve liked Stormwatch. It was one of my favorite books when the New 52 started. I felt a little lost, because (like most New 52 books) we get dropped into the deep end of the pool and have to figure out what is going on. With Stormwatch it was a little worse because so many of these were new characters, new situation, that wasn’t familiar from the old DCU (or even Wildstorm). But it had been interesting so far and the story was good.

But then we get to issue #5. The whole “thrown into the deep end” is really felt in this issue. And not in a good way. So much happens to people we’re just met. Why should we care? Are we supposed to be freaked out by the “death” of Adam One? I care more about the possible revelation in Demon Knights about him (that he and Merlin are the same person) then I did about his being killed by the Shadow Cabinet guy. So far Adam One has been annoying and an inept leader.

And who is this Shadow Cabinet guy and why do the others just let him walk over them like that? If there had been more backstory we might care more, but it just comes across as a mess and there’s no attachment. Like with Harry Tanner. There hasn’t been long enough to build up an attachment or even care about this guy. We don’t know what he was like prior to mind merging with the thing in the moon. We’re supposed to be shocked about him turning bad? And if he knows about this big threat and thought he had to be in charge for Stormwatch to deal with it, then why not say something? Was it just him trying to lie to the Midnighter?

And the horn? When did it get on the Eye? It was in just one panel in the first issue and we’re supposed to care that it’s getting blown up? I don’t read Superman. So why do I care about it? Where was the set-up?

This has been my biggest issue with the New 52, too much of the “thrown into the deep end” feel to alot of the books. And this issue highlights it. For the most part, the stories have helped push the feeling back, filling in the blanks. But Stormwatch #5 just drags us out deeper.

I do have to say that I like the new spin on Midnighter’s powers that Cornell has shown. Very interesting, even if the new Midnighter suit suffers from the “too much” syndrome (like so many other New 52 outfits: Deathstroke, Deadshot, Superman, Batman just to name a couple). The “he has sex with wells” was vintage Warren Ellis-Authority and I liked the characterization of the Martian Manhunter, and I hope the comment that the Manhunter wants people to believe he’s an orphan gets explored more soon.

Sepulveda’s work is strong for most of the issue. His style is nice and fits the tone of the series well.

Stormwatch #5 receives
2.5 out of 5

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