The GeeksverseBatman #8 starts the history of the Owls

Batman #8 starts the history of the Owls
Published on Tuesday, January 10, 2012 by

If you’ve been reading Scott Snyder’s excellent run on Batman, post New 52,

Court's in session

 then you know how he has crafted an engaging mystery concerning the equally mysterious Court of Owls.

This writer has been enthralled with the slow reveal that all is not well within Gotham City and this Court seems to be behind it. For fans of this unknown group of elite members, the Court’s history will be explored in new back-up tales starting with issue #8 of Batman.

Scott Snyder will, of course, be handling the writing duties along with up and comer James Tynion IV, who Snyder calls and major up and comer, on the history of this singular court. This is all leading to the big “Night of the Owls” event encorporating all the Bat titles. Scott’s partner on AMERICAN VAMPIRE Rafael Albuquerque will be onboard as the artist of these four back up tales as well.

What is more intriguing about this news out of DC, is the hint of the Court playing a role in the event that created the Batman. It seems that Thomas and Martha Wayne’s deaths may not have been as random as they had once been in a Universe that now no longer exists.

Whatever the coming background on the Court reveals to the reader, Scott Snyder has been a great addition to the Bat titles by giving the Bat something he’s never really had before; a credible faceless evil that may very well be too much for the Dark Knight to handle. Who knew that an innocent nursery rhyme in issue #1 would wind up becmong the catalyst that has made Batman the most anticipated release each month to this writer. Look for my review on the Batman from here on out.

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