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Cobra Commander Annual 2012
Published on Thursday, January 12, 2012 by

The original Marvel run of G.I. Joe was propelled by toy-sales interest and thus became slightly chaotic with new outfits and vehicles. Yet, it created a following that endeared beyond the reach of the generation. IDW’s newest G.I. Joe incarnation is unrestrained by comparison. It is weaving a complex story from the mythology and building in new characters.

One of the inclusions is the poppy fields of flagless lands. Especially this year, with Major Bludd contending for the mantle of Cobra Commander the drug lord aspect of this book is hard to ignore.

Cobra Command Annual 2012, which is the origin of the newest faceless leader, grows out of lands of brutality and drugs. Lawless lands choke life or inspire strength. One man, Tiger Eyes, embodied strength.

This Chuck Dixon penned book creates a mythology for the newest Commander that is part Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander, and Zartan all at the same time. Krake, as he was called until recently, had run ins with Major Bludd, Storm Shadow, Baroness, and troopers that died at his hand. Krake was a believer in only himself and his gun, it was all that he owned but it was enough.

This is a great over sized issue.

It tells the story and situates itself well in the story that has unfolded this year. As an annual it explores the past year and sets up the next. It is a great work.

I read this comic aloud to my wife. Doing so, I noticed the silenced gunfire and explosions. Without sound effects, people die. Without ceremony or bravado, people die. This is a gritty book in a lot of respects. The art and story move together well without the need of “pow.”

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