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Looking At the Market #5 – December 2011
Published on Thursday, January 12, 2012 by

I missed last month’s sales report so this is for the month of December. Again, thanks to Comic Book Resources for the actual number figures.

So it looks like I was right, somewhat, about DC and the New 52. When the #1s hit, I kept saying that it would be the sales of the 4th and 5th issues that determined how much of a success the venture was. For the first couple months, DC was the top publisher.

For December? Marvel has once again reclaimed the top spot. Marvel is #1 for Market Share By Units (39.05%) and Market Share By Dollars (34.43%) compared to DC’s 37.7%2 (units) and 33.74% (dollars).

I said I was right “somewhat” because well they have lost the top publisher spot, DC still dominates the Top Ten with 8 books compared to Marvel’s 2.

Justice Leage #4 sold around 142,000 copies to claim the top spot. Even though it’s down from what the book premiered at, it’s still a sizable number and still better then the highest selling book before the New 52 started (Amazing Spider-Man #666 sold 137,000 copies in June 2011 but that was the start of the Spider-Island storyline so that was inflated sales; Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160 sold 159,000 copies in July 2011 but that was again an inflated sales issue being the death of Spider-Man; Fear Itself #2 sold 96,000 copies in May 2011 with no titles topping 100,000; too far back to go and try to find a regular issue that topped the charts, but you get the point).

The New 52 is still having some impressive sales, even with each book (and DC overall) dropping each week. I’m just wondering where the titles will level off in the coming months? They’re losing around 10000 (rough average) copies each month, some more (Action Comics down 22,000) and some less (Aquaman only -3,000). I’m still thinking the final sales will end up leveling off around what they were pre-New 52.

DC has said that they’re doing so well that they don’t have to start
thinking of canceling titles until around issue #7, which leads me to think they’ve worked out the forecasts and around #7 is when the numbers drop back down to pre-New 52 levels or drastically below. Otherwise why would the cancelation discussion even get mentioned? That means there are some books on the bubble now.

Defenders #1 landed at #7 on the list with a little under 86,000 copies. Not bad for what is a really quirky book. It’ll most likely suffer the #2 drop next month, but I’m interested in seeing where it lands in the coming months. I like the book alot, but don’t think it’ll appeal to everyone. Which is a shame, it’s really fun.

The first of IDW’s TMNT Micro-Series (really single issue one-shots) did really well, finishing only about 1,000 copies behind the ongoing title. Which isn’t bad at all. It’s too bad the 2nd Micro-Series was about 4k behind the ongoing. Shows that Raphael is more popular then Michaelangelo?

What still surprises me is IDW’s Cobra series. It gets the most critical acclaim (at least on the ‘net) and is still the lowest seller of the four Joe books. But then it’s just more proof that the internet is the vocal minority.

I’m glad that IDW’s Memorial had a good showing (7,100 copies). I haven’t had a chance to check the book out yet, but very interested in it.

(Editor’s note: This column was meant to be published last night but due to a server hiccup could not. It was announced today that 6 DC titles are being canceled with 6 new ones coming.)

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