The GeeksverseQuick Thoughts #2 – DC’s First Round Of Cancelations and The Difference Between Associate and Assistant Editors?

Quick Thoughts #2 – DC’s First Round Of Cancelations and The Difference Between Associate and Assistant Editors?
Published on Friday, January 13, 2012 by

Just a collection of random thoughts about current events in the world of comics.

1) DC announced the first titles of the New 52 era that are being canceled. The titles being canceled: Men Of War, Blackhawks, Mister Terrific, OMAC, Hawk And Dove and Static Shock (sorry John, aka BigIV). Hawk And Dove, Mister Terrific and Blackhawks aren’t really a surprise. What will be interesting is how these properties get treated here on out. Will they make guest appearances and be the same as the canceled books or will they get retconned in their new appearances? And why cancel Men Of War so quickly after a new writer came on board? Makes me think it was planned already and James Robinson came on board to fill out the run until April.

2) Immediately after announcing the cancellation of those books, DC announced 6 new books to replace them: Dial H, The Ravagers, Earth 2, World’s Finest, Batman Inc. and G.I Combat. We had already heard that Batman Inc and Earth 2 (James Robinson and Nicola Scott’s Justice Society book) would be coming. So it makes me wonder if DC was just waiting for sales to drop and books to get canceled to slip those two into the line-up. As for the other 4, it takes awhile to get a book developed and ready to publish (or at least it should) so that would seem to indicate that DC had these other books all lined up and ready to go for a couple months now. Which means they knew there were books that they were going to chop. So wonder how many other new books are on deck?

3) Out of those 6 new books, I’m only interested in Earth 2, World’s Finest and will give Dial H and Ravagers a try. So for DC they make some sales on me. Out of the 6 being canceled, I only got Blackhawks. I’m going down 1 and going up 2 possibly 4. At the very least I’ll be picking up one more DC book in May then I would have been in April (but then again, since I’ve been picking up the Huntress mini-series, World’s Finest will really just be replacing that).

4) This was shaping up to be an all DC Quick Thoughts huh?

5) Serious questions here. What is the difference between what an associate editor does and what an assistant editor does? And Why do some books need both an associate and an assistant along with an editor? Why do some books have an associate editor but not an assistant editor? And some books have an assistant editor but not an associate editor? And more importantly, why do some books still have editorial issues?

6) I’m confused. Captain America And Bucky will give way to Captain America And Hawkeye. From the way the coverage of the press conference sounded, Hawkeye will be a permenant fixture in this book. But then it says it becomes Captain American And Iron Man. So is this a Captain American team-up book or will Hawkeye be there too? Captain American And Iron Man And Hawkeye?

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