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30 years in the making…Photog!
Published on Saturday, January 14, 2012 by

Fwoosh has a great first look at an odd bit of MOTU non-history that is finally realized. 30 years ago a contest was held to design a MOTU character, unfortunately, while the winner was announced it was never released. Now, as part of the 30th anniversary of the line that contest winner will finally see their drawing as an action figure. Congratulations…even if it is 30 years late. Photog has a lot of 1980s craziness and 1980s charm. His appearance is very technological in a 1980s film strip and flash bulb sort of way. While Photog might not look as polished as a Darlek or a Man-E-Faces style robotic creature, the large gun/camera head and weapon combination is purely awesome in the same way that made MOTU great. Check out the Heroic Masters of Cameras on FWoosh. Discuss on the Pryde Forum. You may also want to check out other long over-due figures such as the Eternian Palace Guards and Shadow Weaver on Fwoosh as well.

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