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Snake Eyes #9
Published on Sunday, January 15, 2012 by

When reading the beginning of the 2012 Joe arc, “Cobra Command,” I was slightly disappointed that Snake Eyes was also being sent out on a crusade of his own in the Golden Triangle. Pondering the turn of events, it makes sense given Snake Eyes’ past in Rangoon from way back in the beginning of the IDW comic run. Perhaps this will even bring Destro back into the story in some way. Snake Eyes and his team is on the periphery of the main Joe mission, which is fine, but I am going to cringe when he swoops in and saves the day…again.

When Snake Eyes’ own title was announced, I was hoping that it meant he would be going off in his own direction. I would like to see him pursuing a direction away from G.I. Joe for a while, only because I don’t want “ninja saves the day” to be a story ending.

Even though I’m not a fan of uber-ninja saves the day, this is a great comic. That seems like an odd conflict of ideas given that Snake Eyes and company are helping fix the communication problems, but at least they are doing their own thing. Luckily, Storm Shadow is aware that Snake Eyes is there. Perhaps they’ll have a show down that takes them off in a direction away from the main Cobra Command story. Perhaps it will involve the legacy of Ghengis Khan.

Besides speculation, this is a fun issue of blades and bullets. Like the other IDW issues, this mixes together nearly 30 years of Cobra vehicles: H.I.S.S. v1 to mechs. The communication shield is a simple shed with an antenna. That could be built by kids anywhere. The IDW run does make me want to go play with my toys every time I put down an issue. I can’t be the only one.

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