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Princeless #1
Published on Saturday, January 21, 2012 by

Published by: Action Lab Comics
Written by: Jeremey Whitley
Art & Colors by: M. Goodwin
Lettered by: Jung-Ha Kim
Cover Art: Goodwin w/ Kim

Princeless #1 has been out awhile, it came out in October and has been generating some press. But the more the better because this is a book that should be noticed and read.

This is a good book for young girls. It takes the standard beautiful princess story and rewrites it. The standard princess story, which is recapped at the beginning of the comic, is she gets trapped up in the tower and needs a prince to rescue her. Not very empowering for women. But what happens when the princess takes matters into her own hands?

That’s the story of Princeless. The Princess Adrienne finds a sword in her tower and, with the aid of her dragon, decides to rescue all the other princesses trapped in towers and bring down the system.

Whitley’s story is excellent, fun and well crafted. Adrienne is very strong willed but still comes across as a young woman. It would have been very easy to make her an Amazon-type character, but that isn’t this book and it isn’t Adrienne. This is a fun book and the script and characters show that, even the over-the-top father/King.

The art by Goodwin is perfect for this series. It’s a cartoony style that matches the humor and lightness of the story. But even the more menacing parts, the King standing over his subject, are well done.

Princeless #1 receives
4.5 out of 5

The trade paperback collecting the 4 issue mini-series come out in 2012. Keep an eye out for it or have your retailer order it using Diamond Order Code: FEB120706

For more on Action Lab and their other books, visit their website

You can order Princeless digitally through Drive-Thru Comics

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