The GeeksverseHow DC Could Have Gotten Me To Buy More Titles (by not messing up the DC/Wildstorm integration)

How DC Could Have Gotten Me To Buy More Titles (by not messing up the DC/Wildstorm integration)
Published on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 by

Now this is just me talking, my feelings and not anything I’ve guessed/assumed/surmised, but I really think DC has missed some golden chances with their integration of the Wildstorm universe with the DCU.

Sure we got Stormwatch, Grifter and Voodoo in their own books. But there were so many other chances to tie the two universes together. And their marketing arm definately dropped the bomb.

I’m a Wildstorm fan from the very beginning. Loved the concepts, the universe, loved it all. I lost some interest with the armageddon storyline, but I have to give them credit for going that direction. Unlike the New 52, the WS armageddon was a no-return storyline.

So I was excited to hear about the integration of the Wildstorm universe with the DCU. I just haven’t been all that thrilled with the way it’s been handled. At least out of the three books I’m reading (Stormwatch, Grifter and Voodoo). A couple weeks ago I gave some ideas, here and here, of how DC could have integrated the two universes tighter.

This is the part where their marketing team let them down.

Reading a recent interview with Scott Lobdell, as well as upcoming solicitations for Superboy and Superman, I learned that there are more Wildstorm characters already in the DCU. Caitlin Fairchild is in Superboy, with Grunge making an upcoming appearance. And is that Helspont that will be beating on Superman?

You know DC, if I had known that these characters would be in those books, I would have gotten those books.

I skipped Superboy and Superman. No desire to buy the books. But now that I know the Wildstorm characters are there, I have interest in those books.

Way to drop the ball.

If you’re going to really integrate two universes, and have the ability to do so from the launch (like the New 52), then you integrate them fully. You don’t pick the pieces here and there (like how it appeared with Stormwatch/Grifter/Voodoo which seemed to exist in their own little corner, and the token DC hero in Stormwatch plus the useless Green Lantern appearance in Green Lantern did nothing to help get rid of the seperate corner problem). And you try to get as many existing fans as you can.

Letting it be known that Gen 13 and Helspont will be major factors in those books at launch time, and I would have grabbed them. Chances are I would have been invested in the books by the time the WS storylines ended and I wouldn’t have dropped them.

Now? I’m a mercenary on those books. I’m only there as long as the WS characters are.

On btw, I’ve added Ravagers to my pull list, sight unseen. Why? Because by reading about upcoming Teen Titans/Superboy storylines, and knowing that Fairchild and Grunge are in Superboy, I’m pretty sure there will be more WS characters in Ravagers.

See DC, that’s how you market.

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