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Jurassic Strike Force Action Figures
Published on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 by

Ever want a cool dinosaur action figure with lasers? Of course you do. Everyone does! Robert Kirkman’s all age Super Dino is not the only ancient laser lizard on the comic shop shelves. Zenescope’s Jurassic Strike Force 5 is another option for your action, adventure needs. Now, Zenescope is showing an upcoming action figure based on the book.  The creators also have Rex.

Jurassic Strike Force 5 begins with evil alien overlord Zalex and his army of highly advanced reptiles being awakened after 100 million years of entrapment within the ice of Antarctica. Having combined Earth’s Jurassic reptiles with alien technology, Zalex has created a seemingly unstoppable force of mutated dinosaur warriors ready to conquer the Universe.  But there is one thing that might be able to stop Zalex and his powerful army and that one thing is Jurassic Strike Force, another group of alien enhanced dinosaurs who have sworn to protect both humanity and the rest of the universe from Zalex’s evil plans.

In the first stage you see the figure shape blocked in. Stage 2 shows the figure further along in the sculpting process, with more detail and joints added in. In the next installment we’ll show finished, painted photos of Jurassic Strike Force 5′s Rex and Spike!

Keep an eye on Z’s Facebook page for more details and the comic shop shelves for more about the comic. 


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