The GeeksverseSecret Avengers #21.1

Secret Avengers #21.1
Published on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 by

Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Rick Remender
Art by: Patrick Zircher
Colored by: Andy Troy
Lettered by: Dave Lanphear
Cover Art: Patrick Zircher w/ Andy Troy
Assistant Editor: John Denning
Associate Editor: Lauren Sankovitch
Editor: Tom Brevoort

I love the idea of the Secret Avengers, a covert ops team doing the dirty work in the shadows. Good stuff and Warren Ellis’ issues were masterpieces. I wish Ellis had been able to stay onboard, but I’m interested in what Remender will bring to the table.

This issue has Cap passing the leadership torch on to Hawkeye. Remender has a good handle on Hawkeye, which is a good thing because he’s the star of the comic. But Remender doesnt have a good handle on Cap. Cap’s speech to push Hawkeye doesn’t come across as Steve Rogers talking. These two have been through too much, known eachother too long, for that kind of talk. And it doesn’t ring true that Steve doesn’t think Hawkeye can do a covert ops team.

Hawkeye was just part of Mockingbird’s secret spy group (which has conviently disappeared and I hate when stuff like that happens). Beyond that, he’s been part of stealthy missions before. Hawkeye is loud and in-your-face, so it’s almost like Remender just went with that aspect to craft the story around. But it doesn’t work because Hawkeye is a natural fit to lead this team.

The rest of the issue is solid though. The new Masters Of Evil are interesting, especially Princess Python. I’m glad to see that the Shadow Council is still going to be involved. I was afraid that particular storyline would be dropped.

It’s hard to judge what Remender’s Secret Avengers will be about from this one issue, since it’s just Hawkeye and Captain America interacting, but this does serve as a decent lead-in to Remender’s run on the book.

But did we really need the introduction of a new nation to the Marvel Universe? Especially one that is so hi-tech. Bagalia is a nation, we only see the city, and don’t get a feel for what the rest of the nation is like. Why couldn’t Madripoor have been used? And Bagalia, now that it’s been created and established, better show up again soon, otherwise what was the point?

I’ve always been a Zircher fan. Loved his work on New Warriors and followed him since. Top notch work in this issue. He does a good job with all the different elements and aspects of this story.

Secret Avengers #21.1 receives
3.5 out of 5

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