The GeeksverseWhat Comic Has the Shiniest Logo This Week? 1-26-2012

What Comic Has the Shiniest Logo This Week? 1-26-2012
Published on Thursday, January 26, 2012 by

Remember the 90s gimmick covers, laser beam blasts, gatefold mania, and shiny, shiny, shiny? What comic has the shiniest logo this week?IDW’s twin Transformer titles are more subtle that 90s gimmick covers, but these twin story launches do have shiny logos this week.  After the events of the one-shot Death of Optimus Prime, two different paths are before the Autobots, rebuild the planet or search for the past warriors lost. Each title chooses its own path.  For the dedicated fan this is two titles in the same universe. For the casual bot fan this is a chance to choose your own reading path. Do you want to read about the difficulties rebuilding a world teaming with Decpticons and neutral bots? Do you want to adventure and misadventure in space? Now is the time to pick up a shiny logo and decide what you want to read. These are great starting points for new readers.

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