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DC’s The New 52 Already Sinking?
Published on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 by

Does anyone see the amount of creative team changes on the New 52 books as a positive thing?

Today it was just announced that Jeff Lemire is leaving Frankenstein and joining Justice League Dark. Peter Milligan is leaving Justice League Dark and joining Stormwatch. Matt Kindt is the incoming writer on Frankenstein.

Add those to the list of other creative team changes:
Fury Of Firestorm: Gail Simone Out; Joe Harris In
Green Arrow: J.T. Krul Out; Dan Jurgens Out; Ann Nocenti In
Dan Jurgens Out; Harvey Tolibao In
Savage Hawkman: Tony Daniel/Philip Tan Out; Rob Liefeld/?? In
Superman: George Pereoz Out; Dan Jurgens/Keith Giffen In
Batman: The Dark Knight: Paul Jenkins added
Legion Lost: Fabian Nicieza Out; Tom DeFalco In
Stormwatch: Paul Cornell Out; Peter Milligan In (after a couple issues of Paul Jenkins)
Grifter: Cafu Out; Scott Clark In
Nathan Edmondson Out; Rob Liefeld In
Deathstroke: Kyle Higgins/Joe Bennett Out; Rob Liefeld In
Voodoo: Ron Marz Out; Joshua Williamson In

O.M.A.C.; Static Shock; Hawk & Dove; Men Of War (which had announced a change of writer); Blackhawks; Mister Terrific – canceled

10 out of 52 books have had significant (more then just artist) changes in just six months.

What does it add up to?

To me it comes across as unorganized, which really the whole New 52 has that vibe. It seems like the declining sales have prompted the DC brass to want to shake things up. It seems like they were unhappy with the current directions and want to make adjustments.

So that begs the question, how far in advance are the storylines laid out?

The New 52, with the lack of cohesiveness in the backstories from book to book, seems very patch work, thrown together at the last minute. And these changes don’t help any. Voodoo #5, with new writer Joshua Williamson (and this isn’t a knock on him), reads like they are tying up loose ends in order to hit the reset switch. The ending just screams “change of direction”.

Even though Birds Of Prey didn’t make a creative team change, throwing Batgirl comes across as trying to change things up, get a better reaction to the book. Especially since Gail Simone, writer of Batgirl, had no idea it was going to happen.

Two of the new 6 books, the second wave, were originally mini-series. Now they are ongoing to fill the void made by the cancellations. I wonder how long before they pull a Marvel and go from mini-series to ongoing to mini-series again.

Jeff Lemire, in an interview about Justice League Dark, stated that the membership would be changing. Dan Jurgens said the same thing about Justice League International’s upcoming issues. Neither book has been around long enough to need a membership shake-up. We haven’t even gotten to know the current members. Both moves just scream “shake-up to get interest back”.

None of this inspires confidence in the New 52. I await the announcement of another reboot.

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