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Alpha Girl #1
Published on Thursday, February 2, 2012 by

Published by: Image Comics
Written by: Jeff Roenning w/ Jean-Paul Bonjour
Penciled by: Robert Love
Inked by: Dana Shukartsi
Colored by: Diego Simone
Lettered by: Drew Gill
Cover Art: Robert Love w/ Shukartsi
Editor: Branwyn Bigglestone

What is Alpha Girl? Alpha Girl is about Judith and her quest to find her brother in a world gone mad. A cosmetics company invents a scent that causes women to go crazy and attack men. Zombie-like levels of crazy.

Sound crazy?

Well it is.

The book is crazy. Fun crazy. But still crazy. From the minute we meet Judith as a child to the last page, there’s some seriousy crazy fun going on.

Roenning’s script is quick. The story moves at a very fast pace. Almost too fast. The way Roenning lays it out is interesting, but a bit odd. The sense of time is quickened, it’s hard to tell how many years pass from when Judith first arrives at the foster home and when the scientists create the crazy scent.

The premise is interesting and the way Roenning paces the first issue keeps the story engaging. Anyone thinking this would be another spin on the standard zombie should still check it out. The basic story is zombie, but the tone is different and definately fun.

The art style by Love is pretty cartoony, not something I typically end up liking. That kind of style has to fit the project almost perfectly or it can end up hurting the story. Luckily it fits this project.

Alpha Girl #1 receives
4 out of 5

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